Lion Petrochem Trade is a leading international oil trading company, committed to providing exceptional trading and transportation services in the global market. With a focus on meeting the demands of Central Asia and Far East Asian markets, we have established ourselves as a key player in the industry. Our extensive partnerships with suppliers and demand markets enable us to bridge the gap and ensure efficient supply chain management.
  • Middle Distillates
    Lion Petrochem Trade serves industrial customers in Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia with a focus on middle distillates. Our commitment to quality and reliability makes us the preferred choice in the region.
  • Fuel Oil:
    Our Fuel Oil business is built on strong relationships, allowing us to respond efficiently to market developments. With a deep awareness of market dynamics, we ensure a reliable supply of fuel oil products.
  • Gasoline
    In a specification-focused environment that varies by region, Lion Petrochem Trade utilizes its logistical expertise and diverse product range capabilities to ensure the delivery of the correct quality gasoline at the right time and place.
  • Bitumen
    Lion Petrochem Trade excels in the trading and transportation of bitumen, catering to Central Asia and Far East Asian markets. We have formed strong partnerships with both suppliers and demand markets, allowing us to guarantee timely delivery and superior quality.


At Lion Petrochem Trade, we deliver and distribute our products across Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Far East Asia. With a widespread global network, we source commodities from industry-renowned producers in the Mediterranean, Former Soviet Union, and Central/Eastern Europe to meet the needs of our clients.


Lion Petrochem Trade conducts business with integrity and the highest ethical standards, and Lion Petrochem Trade upholds the same principles. We prioritize fairness, accountability, and transparency in all our operations. Maintaining strong relationships with counterparties, operating regions, and financial institutions is essential to our success.

Our People & Recent Activity:

At Lion Petrochem Trade, we value our team and recognize the importance of safety.

We are dedicated to making safety one of our top priorities, overriding any other considerations. Our company understands the significance of trust within a team, as it is the foundation for success.

At Lion Petrochem Trade, we continue to drive growth through strategic partnerships, expansion of trading services, and a relentless commitment to excellence. Join us on our journey towards a sustainable energy future.



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